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Mate1 app review I Am Looking Sexy Meeting

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Mate1 app review

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I came to the conclusion that this site is a total scam and ripe off. I feel that Looking for a non crazy girl to fuck a decent and honest guy and I had my profile reviewed by my friends and felt that I should received many query's. I'm the type of person that mate1 app review out to people and doing a search for local ladies I sent out messages of introduction and as a matter of fact of over 50 and not one response received back I can't believe that 50 people don't have the manners or common decency to reply mate1 app review saying thank you but not interested which is something I would.

Therefore I feel that all the profiles are false and made up my Mate 1. I even wrote to them complaining of this and never received a response. I mate1 app review wrote to ladies way mate1 app review my local area and again the. I also belong to POF whereas I do receive responses to my messages. To all of you people that are thinking of joining this site save your money and time strictly a rip off.

If you call them your always on hold for over 30 minutes before they finally pick up and the person mate1 app review does answer must be mate1 app review custodian can never get a straight answer U ask for people in ur area. And u get messages from other states with phony numbers.

Mate1 Review - Pros, Cons and Verdict | Top Ten Reviews

And then there not even other states all of a sudden u gets call from Ghana. Or some African country. They ask for pics. U ask to call mate1 app review to verify there real. They never answer. Or they are text messaging services.

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Like men speaking women. But no. This is the worse one.

I left other ones. N had same experience. For our of it. So I see on Facebook out of all places.

Mate1 app review

So say ok. Let's give it one more try. They use other people's. N when they ask for ur pic. They save n use to scam someone. Facebook should mate1 app review ashamed of themselves for letting. These type of co Pant advertise on there sites.

Mate1 app review I Am Ready Horny People

But of cours. It's all about the money. Mark zuckerburg. There is absolutely no more honesty in business.

mate1 app review Apo ur reading. Don't do it. It's a waste of time n money. This company executives should b put in jail. I sent likes and No answers. Because no one is. The was that do and see put ther phones up. No one I messaged through the system answered. The only women I heard from wanted money.

Mate1 app review first one mate1 app review she was a contractor in Nigeria who had all her money mat1 and could I please help her, she even sent an image of a drivers license. I reported her to police. They said they had prior reports about that identity being stolen.

Next one when she said she was not at home in KS but in Nigeria Revlew told her right a way she was a crook. The last one I believe really was in WY but she wanted an I tune card so she could talk to me.

No good for me. You hear a lot about mate1 but not sure its all nate1 unless you live in London or Manchester. I'm in Cork so a bit smaller. Reviews - Reviews of | Sitejabber

Personally ill stick with wejustfit. Messages that don't exist, Women that don't exist. This site is a complete and utter SCAM. I sent them an email and their reply was, "we mate1 app review edit all our members". I tried looking at fifteen profiles but the caption on each was, "They have chosen to delete their profile".

What I mean by "salt," is bait because nothing ever happened, at least for me, was a bunch of B. A good writer can make a person "feel whats a good first date they've died and gone to heaven, but that isn't reality if the prose don't come from a "real person.

It was my first and LAST dating mate1 app review. Hey, I can walk down the street where I live and get mate1 app review own dates. Bye, bye to Mate 1. Signed up for the special Got a few likes 2 times, likes from girls in other states who where putting their phone 's in their descriptions.

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I went on the site with an open mind and a purse heart, wanting to be able to date and hopefully have a relationship develop because of it. It seemed to me to be more of mate1 app review "penpal" or "collecting" of "likes" site, as I got zero dates.

revlew I felt that I "almost" got one girl to meet with me for coffee, but then that fell. I just don't believe in these "likes" sincerity. If you like someone's profile and you think that there may be a match between you, then meet that person. You can't find a relationship without meeting them in person. Bad experience, I cancelled my subscription and will never renew it.

I've been on it 60 days sent messages and never receive anything back I gave it 1 because 0 is not a option it is a waste of time and money. If you try to get a refund because you realize it is a scammer haven you will have to snail mail a request to cancel within 3 days.

What a waste of time and money. Many responses white sexy girls not say" rare to see a photo. Inappropriate titles and wording.

I had no idea there were so many losers looking for love. Not as bad as most people try mate1 app review make u believe. I personally prefer Mingle2day but just because there are more members in my area.

But mate1 is still much better than the average dating site out there which are almost all full of fakers and scammers. Mate1 app review is another scam mate1 app review inasmuch as you will get loads of computer generated messages from in mate1 app review made profiles.

Im qpp to spot fake pics and profiles. Heres how: The profiles are characteristically not completed.

I live in a rural state which just does not have the diversity this site depicts. Run a deep image search and what you find should be telling.

The mate1 app review of the site operators is to get your money. Thats just one reason i never pay for adult sites.

Mate1 app review

Another reason is im not very keen sexy massage in brooklyn sending financial info to off shore high risk credit processors. The legalese in the terms is one sided mate1 app review their favor.

Your lawyer is of no mate1 app review since its doubtful theyre admitted to a foreign bar or licensed to practice. You will undoubtedly get screwed thinking you have stopped the automatic billing or deduction from your card account. By using a debit card this outfit requires a bank connected card.

I guess mate1 app review knows all of this so thats all i have to say except finding a willing mate1 app review is much easier off line in real life. I joined naughty lady looking sex Ottumwa a cheap trial membership just to see rveiew this was real. Well, it's absolutely FAKE. I checked out 39 female profiles and 37 of the 39 profiles I did a deep dive on came back with FAKE photos that were pulled from other sources.

Two photos came back as inconclusive. This is so fake I think it's got to be criminal fraud on the part of the company.