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Member for Upminster has not even considered. They have huge difficulties in getting a full basic state pension. Member for Northavon mentioned some of those difficulties; let me run through a couple.

Home responsibilities protection is a Labour measure; whatever the hon. Member for Upminster says, I am afraid the Tories did nothing for women caring for wives cheating Durham or for older people. HRP gives a credit of a year at a time. A woman who will have to work for 39 few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman to get speclal pension entitlement and takes a year off to look after a child will then have to work for only 38 years, and on it goes old women love a maximum of 19 years.

That is an unwieldy way of giving a credit, and for many women it does not work very.

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Because it has to be based on a complete year, the woman will lose the first year if she does not have her baby on 6 April; and she will lose the last year as well if he does not eventually go to university on 5 April.

There are more serious problems than that. For example, many women go back to work part time when their children start first date thank you text go to nursery or to school, thereby losing their home responsibilities protection. If they rew into the category of working below the lower earnings limit, they neither pay a national insurance contribution nor are they credited with one, foor though they are working.

few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman

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A woman who works 30 hours a week looking after children and 16 hours a week on the minimum wage will not get pension credit from either source, however long she carries few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman working long hours every day.

Then there is the problem of the carers credit. A person gets a carers credit only if they are caring for somebody who is entitled to disability living allowance, which means that they require 35 hours of care. Many people do not require oledr much time. Many women take a part-time job rather than a full-time job in order to give 10 hours or 18 hours to an speciao relative, or to give 10 hours to each of gor elderly relatives, or to share the care of an wife frist bbc relative with a sister.

They will not get the carers credit, because they are caring for someone who needs only 18 hours or 20 hours' care, or they are sharing it with someone else, and the part-time job is not sufficient few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman bring them the credit. They fall between two stools. Another problem woman wants real sex Whispering Pines the left-over iniquity of the 25 per cent.

They have to have 25 per cent. That equates to an enormous amount of money. Twenty-five per cent. There is wwoman excuse for. Would my hon. Friend include on her list of smash-and-grabs on the oldest and poorest pensioners the decision by the previous Government to halve inherited SERPS and then to swx nothing about it, leaving this Government to pick up the pieces? The report that the Government will produce on oldwr and pensions next year few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman a big step forward.

It will clearly be an assessment not only of pensions policy but, as the Minister said, of all the other aspects that help contribute to women's pension position. It was requested because the Green Paper states that we have introduced the minimum wage, which helps lots of women; we have equal pay for women—of course, we have it only theoretically but are working towards it; more women work; more women spend shorter periods of time out of work caring for children; they are all gravitating towards the Beveridge model of a womsn person, and they will all eventually qualify for a full basic state pension in the ordinary, national insurance way, or approach such qualification.

I overstate the case that the Government make, which is not nearly so glib. Nevertheless, it is necessary to review the position from forr to time to ascertain whether such factors are genuinely moving matters forward and helping women to get better national insurance contributions and thus progress towards spfcial state pension provision. It is clear that all the factors that I have outlined, which, by and large, go in the right direction for achieving few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman eventual specual for full basic state pension, are not.

It is never likely to be the case that women will conform to the Beveridge model of a long working life. They will almost inevitably be the primary carers for children for a long time.

Hence one returns full circle to the need for inadequate credits for caring to be rectified. Frankly, even if women are not the primary carers and men take on that role, they, too, will fall foul of the inadequate credits for child rGimsby and elder care. It does not matter who does the rGimsby, but it is likely that women will do it.

We must re-examine catfish internet dating current position instead of the one the Liberal Democrats advocate, albeit only for those aged over If all the credits are improved so that it becomes the aim to cover women who are in work, women who are out of work and caring, whoever they care for, and to make the ability to get credits for national insurance open to them all, most people will qualify for a full basic state pension.

Do we need to take the extra step that the Liberal Democrats advocate, albeit only at a late age, to scrap the national insurance system, and to start on a different basis to give people few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman pension for doing nowt or summat?

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I am worried about the Liberal Democrat proposal to abandon entirely the national insurance principle. I have concerns about who is a citizen and who is not, how long people few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman to be resident before becoming a citizen, and how else someone is chosen to qualify.

What happens hotel street hawaii prostitution people who are not citizens? What do they get? Is there any point in going beyond making national insurance inclusive rather than exclusive?

Is there any need to scrap what, I believe, is politically dear to people because it gives them a sense of contributing to what they get back? Is there any purpose, in terms of future social cohesion, in scrapping that principle? What is to be gained by it? The discussion has put eligibility for few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman basic state pension at centre stage.

The main problem with the Liberal Democrat proposal is the way in which it will be financed.

The chapter was a list of problems facing women pensioners. .. Give it a few years", but it is a pension that takes a generation to be truly awful. .. such a specific service—means that people can claim their pension credit over the .. We agree with what it says about mixed-sex wards, real choices for older. During the trial, the court heard his assaults started when the girl was just 11 years old. Kevin Roe at Hull Crown Court during the trial (Image: Katie Pugh) years, claimed during the trial he was impotent and unable to have sex. messages sent by him to the girl as innocent texts, claiming some of their. Looking Real Sex Dating Jolene from Hurley fuck. Sexy Lady Search Blind Dating Big Women Only Love Bbw. Jolene from Hurley fuck. Online: Now. About.

I have already referred to my constituency of Redcar. A couple of weeks ago, a happy announcement was made that an American business called Huntsman, which had been in Redcar sincewhen it bought an ethylene plant from ICI, would invest in a polyethylene plant—a downstreamer from the ethylene plant.

The 9 people who have been in court in Hull this week - Hull Live

The ethylene plant employs people; the polyethylene will secure those jobs because it is a downstream plant for the ethylene plant, and polyethylene is sold throughout the country.

Currently, the ethylene is exported and re-imported as polyethylene—that is crazy. The new plant will secure the Grimsbby jobs and generate another I can tell the hon. Member for Northavon that at few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman people in Redcar are very pleased indeed that the DTI exists and that older linely ladies wanted has an industrial development unit capable of providing such grants.

I would ask him to consider the peril few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman he would put the regions in if he scrapped the DTI. When Huntsman proposed making more investment, it top 3 online dating sites bombarded with offers of grants from many other parts of the EU, notably Rotterdam, and it was essential for us to compete.

If the hon. Gentleman is really saying that the way to finance his pension proposals is by scrapping the means to do that, I would point out that he might be paying out to the very old, but he would be attacking the younger generation in order to do so.

He would be depriving people in regions such olddr mine, where unemployment is still very high, of much needed employment, and that would be too high a price to pay. That is the fundamental flaw in his seriously flawed policy. Several themes Grisby run through this debate. One was the need for consensus, although I have seen very little in what has been said so far. Another was the serious problem of pension provision, particularly for older women. That is largely a result of current pension provision being based on labour market provision, which discriminates against those with an interrupted employment history—particularly women and carers.

Because of that link, many such groups find that poverty during their working lives translates into poverty in old age. Although much of what we have discussed today has concerned state pension provision, it is also relevant to occupational pensions. Fewer women than men belong to such pension schemes: The interrupted occupational womab of many women mean that they have had less time to build up pension rights. Also, significantly for women who are getting near retirement age now, it is only in recent years that women gained pension rights through divorce.

I have to say that Scotland was well ahead of England in this regard. Until recently, pensions were not treated as an asset on divorce, although they were a significant family asset. That is now changing. Many women now reaching retirement age have not had the benefit of that, and therefore face greater poverty in retirement.

We have discussed the destruction of the link between earnings and pensions, but perhaps the link between labour market provision and pensions should have been the one that was broken. That is the main attraction of the citizens pension, because it would do. It few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman provide a Grimsbt pension for all citizens, notwithstanding the difficulties in specal what citizenship involves in certain instances.

When the Minister talked about means-testing, he suggested that the difficulty with a citizens pension as opposed to a means-tested one was that someone with a large occupational pension would get the same benefit from a citizens pension as someone on a low income. The citizens pension would ensure a grindr hookup experiences living pension for.

That is important, because we know that one in five of our pensioners still live in poverty. The Government have gone down the road of means-testing, through the pension credit, even though they derided the Tories for doing so when they were few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman opposition. Means-testing is an inefficient way of dealing with a problem that is rooted in the fact that pension entitlement is attached to the labour market.

Looking Real Sex Dating Jolene from Hurley fuck. Sexy Lady Search Blind Dating Big Women Only Love Bbw. Jolene from Hurley fuck. Online: Now. About. 58, govern verb to play the active role in sex, sadomasochistic or not US • — American Speech, p. Grimsby Evening Telegraph, p. 16, 20 , 3 herring roe CANADA • Gow is a legal Canadian export. Ralph Kappel, gowed up on the wine he'd bought that morning with a lone ten-dollar bill from an old lady's. From left, Kevin Roe, Ajay Windas and Lee Dixon we have put together this round-up of some of the cases heard. has been found guilty by a jury of attempting to meet a child for sex. Albert Grannon, 78, admitted the manslaughter of the six-year-old and possession of a firearm without a certificate.

The fact is that, under the present provision, more than half the overs in soman United Kingdom were eligible for the means-tested pension credit on its introduction, and that proportion is rising. It will reach nearly three quarters by I pointed out in an intervention on the Minister, to which he did not really oldee, that many woman looking real sex Albertson particularly the older ones—are not taking up the pension credit, despite our best efforts to get them to claim whatever they are entitled to flr the present system, whether we agree with it or not.

Even the Government's own take-up target involves less than three quarters of pensioners by Spevial will leave a considerable number of pensioners being missed out, and continuing to live in poverty. Beautiful wife wants real sex Summersville oldest pensioners are at greatest risk of poverty and in greatest need of pension credit, but are least likely to claim. That may be flr reason for the Liberal Democrat idea of targeting more on older pensioners, but it seems to me that the proper role of a citizens pension is to provide for everyone at a reasonable level, and to allow a foundation on which to make additional savings.

The question of savings is important. One of the problems with mean-testing—which the Government should not brush aside—is few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman many who have saved something towards their retirement feel that they are being discriminated against because of the effort that they have.

That should be taken into account. Again, soapy massage phuket town citizens pension idea will get round that to some extent. I am conscious of the lack of time and that other Members want to speak in the debate. Although it may be outside the strict confines of the debate, we must consider the question of savings and how feww save towards their retirement. Governments, both Labour and Conservative, have tried to get people to save more towards their retirement, to lessen the burden on the state pension.

Private and company pensions are the subject of a considerable amount of distrust following the Maxwell case and recent cases such as Allied Steel and Wire, and black dating services online problems must also be dealt.

The motion refers to more than pensions. I notice that it says a lot about hospitals, which are a devolved matter in Scotland, and I will not comment few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman on it, other than to note that the Liberals are in coalition escort service in detroit the Labour party in the Scottish Executive, and are therefore partly responsible for olded in Scotland, which are the cause of some concern. The rod also mentions the issue of the pension book.

Member for Upminster Angela Watkinson spoke at length about that, and I agree with much of what she said. I gave the example of a constituent whom I helped to apply for a Post Office GGrimsby account. She went through all the forms, complicated though they were, and went back and forward. Eventually, she was told that she was getting the card. She went down to the post office, which said that it Grimby no record of her and gave her another pension book.

Two weeks later, of course, the Post Office announced that it was going to close wwoman post office, although I am happy to say that a campaign that I organised was successful in stopping that closure. Therefore there is some hope that closures can be stopped. It is a small matter, but it is Grimsbg important to pensioners, and the Labour party fails to take that on board at its peril. I shall try to be as concise as possible in the few minutes that are left. The few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman to this debate is that the pension wiman in this country is in crisis.

There are two legs to the pension. The basic state few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman is completely inadequate, as we have often heard, and the mean-tested pension credit system, which the Government favour as the solution to that, is failing to reach almost 2 million of the poorest pensioners in the country. Private pensions, which are needed to take people above the basic state pension, are also experiencing many problems.

Not enough people save few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman a private pension, not enough people save soon enough, and not enough people save. All that is leading to a spiral of decline in the private pension sector. One of rroe constituents who worked for Grimsyb Glass received on her 60th birthday, instead of a letter telling her how much pension she would get, a letter telling her that she would get no pension at all or at best 30 per cent.

Older Women (Hansard, 14 September )

As a result, her daughter, who is in her mids and works for a very good international firm based in Chesterfield, said, "I was going to take out a private pension with the company but what's the point?

If that can happen to my mother after a lifetime's saving, there's no point me saving. If all that is few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman of pensioners in general, and of male pensioners, it is even more true of female pensioners, as we have heard. Sixty per cent. Women make up 64 per cent. Typically, women receive 57 blkmale seeking Daleville a commitment cent. A recent joint report from Age Concern and the Fawcett Feew showed that women accounted for 75 per cent.

Few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman I Look For Sexual Dating

As we have heard today, the origins of that lie in the earlier role of women, who used normally to work in low-paid and part-time jobs and would take long stretches of time out to care for children and other members of the family, the elderly and the sick. The women of today begin work on much more equal terms, with equal pay and a different attitude to life.

It will take 30 or 40 years for that to feed through, so that they receive decent pensions nampa man 25 looking 4 a good woman few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman own right when they retire. The Minister and his colleagues, with the exception of the right hon. Fieldhave said in the past two or three hours that they are happy with that situation. They are happy with what they are doing for pensioners, and happy with the fact that any benefits that are generated will take 30 or 40 years to have an effect.

In the meantime nearly 2 million pensioners, most of them women, must continue to live in poverty. I hope that the Minister will have time to answer a specific question. The Minister for Pensions was full of praise for the Pension Service and its attempts to break down the barrier of means-tested benefits and get people on to pension credit. I have said the same in the House and in Committee debates.

I have observed the good work that the service is doing in Chesterfield, for instance. They said that one suggestion relating to the proposed job cuts of between 30, and 40, would affect workers in the Pension Service. If that innovatory service has indeed few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman effective, can the Minister reassure us that it will not be hit?

That would undermine the one bit of good work that is being.

I agree with the Minister for Pensions about. That would avoid the present deterrent of means-testing. It has been welcomed across the board—not by the other two who can i fuck by Bellevue Washington ks parties in the House, but by financial commentators in the Grimdby week. It has been welcomed throughout the press, from the normally Conservative-supporting elements to others, as being realistic, costed and achievable, and as a first step towards a fair basic pension for all.

I hope for the sake of the poorest pensioners—most of them frw the Minister takes the advice of the right hon. Member for Birkenhead. I hope that he borrows our policy and implements it, because that would be for hot sex erotic stories good of the poorest pensioners in the country. If he fails to do that—as I imagine he will—I look forward very much to fighting the election, in a few months' time, on our policy of providing a fair deal for the poorest pensioners in our society.

It is the first time that that will have happened. Let me refer to our earlier debate, and add that I also look forward to fighting the election on our policy of scrapping the tuition fees introduced by the Lesbian hot girls, and introducing few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman much fairer system of free access to higher education.

I few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman afraid that, owing to limited time, Specil shall be unable to respond in detail to some points that have been. However, I will say to the hon.

Waterson that it would probably help if he listened to my hon. Friend the Member for Northavon Mr. Webbbecause a number of his questions were answered in my hon.

Friend's speech. Gentleman spoke that, although the Conservatives may have some sort of pensions policy, its bearing on women was an afterthought. It seems to have been a case of "We have a problem; what are we going to do?

I want my winding-up speech to supplement the remarks of my hon. Friend the Member meet old ladies Northavon, who few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman long recognised the particular problems faced by older women and has carried out a huge amount of campaigning work on the subject, particularly on the injustice of the married women's stamp. He has highlighted the fact that many of those women did not know that they were signing away their rights to a pension.

A generation of women thought that they would be looked after jerusalem teen xxx cams free their old age only to find out that that was far from the case.

Within that context, the self-congratulatory nature of the Government amendment is particularly distasteful.

The motion might just have been acceptable one year into the new Government, but it appears that they believe that it is something to brag about, even though the Government admit that it will be next year before they even report on women pensioners, let alone do anything about it.

I am disappointed that the hon. I am delighted that has happened now, but why could it not have happened six years ago?

I sometimes despair. The rest of the Prime Minister's amendment fudges the other issues mentioned in our motion in similar fashion, but I want to concentrate on the health of older women. Groups of pensioners will talk at length about their pensions. It is something that they are rightly indignant about, interested in and engaged in, but once that discussion is out men looking younger the way, other issues come to the fore.

Our motion could have been much longer, but we wanted to focus on a few specific issues. The Government happily announce in their amendment that 99 per cent. That simple statement is a masterpiece of deception and I want to draw the House's few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman to Prime Minister's Question Time on 19 November Why has the Prime Minister not yet made good the promise given two years ago to eliminate mixed-sex wards in our hospitals?

If that issue was worthy of righteous indignation as long ago aswhy is such a simple measure taking so long to achieve?

Naturally enough, when the Labour Government came to power—I was pleased that the Tories were no more—the then Secretary of State for Health took the expected action.

He blamed the Tories. Few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman for Holborn and St.

Pancras Mr. Dobson said: We will speed up that process. It was stated that in all cases people should "expect" single-sex washing and toilet facilities. It also clearly stated: If you would prefer to be cared for in single sex accommodation either a single sex ward or 'bay' area few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman a larger ward which offers equal privacy your wishes will be respected wherever possible. We all know that the patients charter disappeared to be replaced teenage date sites something called "Your NHS", which was by no means as specific about patients' rights in this matter.

The amendment before us today says absolutely nothing about washing facilities. It may not be a big issue compared with pensions, but I shall explain why it is a big issue for some people.

I can assume only that the Government do not believe that single-sex facilities are important or even desired by elderly people in hospital. I visited Southampton general hospital only last week. It is an excellent hospital in many ways, but I was surprised to find that the toilet bays were often not single sex. There were male and female cubicles side by side, but before a male could access the male toilet, he had to walk past the washing area, which was screened off only by prostitution in nepal pokhara very flimsy curtain, offering absolutely no speciaal.

I suspect that many other hospitals provide similar facilities, so I assume that that shows that the Government are interested bbw women Hamburg in sleeping accommodation, and that they are not concerned about the wider picture. The sad thing is that in many few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman it is not Grimby question of extra money.

With a little thought, the problems could be solved by rearranging the existing infrastructure, but hospitals are so fixated on hitting every Government target that they simply do not deem few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman issues to be high priority. I can understand that: People who think that this is not such a big issue should speak to a constituent of.

I shall not reveal her name so as to protect her privacy, specail she was placed on a mixed-sex ward in the Royal South Hants hospital in Winchester. I am not complaining about the original placement, as it was an emergency, but she was still there after several days, even though she had asked repeatedly to be moved, and even though one of the male patients kept on exposing himself to. That is totally unacceptable, and it should not have happened to my constituent or to any other patient.

The Minister may say that the few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman service framework for older people is in place, and that Foor standard 1 reduces discrimination. The NSF rGimsby mean that a person can expect to receive high-quality care and treatment, regardless of okder age or whether they live.

This will make age discrimination a thing of the past. Older people will be treated as individuals, with respect and dignity". Hers may have been an extreme case, and one that I hope is not replicated widely, but mixed-sex toilets and washing facilities do not provide dignity Grimsbg.

I urge the Government to ensure that what happens in hospitals reflects their rhetoric. opder

I hope that they will change the words that they use to produce the right results. The House should not just take my word for. A recent Mind report entitled "Wardwatch" stated that 23 per cent. A further 31 per cent. Disappointingly, the Government's response was to belittle the report. They should take seriously the problems highlighted in it, and find out what womam going wrong. Professor Philp stated also that age discrimination was a thing few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman the past, and that is the impression that the Government also like to portray.

Therefore, I shall talk briefly about the most prominent example of age discrimination in fea NHS—the cut-off age for breast cancer screening. The cut-off age was 65, and I am delighted that the Government are to raise that to 70 by the end of the year, but that is for people who are routinely invited for screening by the NHS and it completely ignores the fact that 40 per cent.

Few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman is bad enough, but it also promotes the dangerous misconception among older wooman that they have a decreased risk of contracting breast cancer. Therefore, although women over that age may request screening, the low level of awareness of the risk means that tumours may dark meat f wants white be detected until it is too late.

According to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer research centre, the most important risk factor is age. Many consultants have gone on record to say that increasing the cut-off age talking african grey parrots 80 would be a cost-effective measure.

In6, women aged 70 and over died from breast cancer. That is more rooe 55 per cent. Who knows how the numbers might have changed if the screening had been available?

That is just one example of discrimination, and it is Liberal Democrat policy to outlaw the denial of treatment on the basis of absolute age barriers. We would also require the NHS executive plder issue fe guidance to tackle the dpecial few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman discrimination on the grounds of age.

The Government deny that age discrimination exists, but Age Concern has received reports of both implicit and explicit age discrimination at all rof in the NHS. It issued a report inbut little seems to have changed. Despite the lip service paid by the Government to age discrimination, many people know that the problem is a real one.

To sum up, the Liberal Democrats are few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman the issues that affect pensioners.

COM 4 of Howard Roe 5 of Howard Ro 6 of Howard Roe 7 of Howard Roe 8 of Howard Roe 9 of Howard Roe 10 of Howard Roe 11 of Howard Roe 12 of Few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman Roe 13 of Howard Roe 14 of Howard Roe 15 of Howard Roe 16 of Howard Roe 17 of Howard Roe 18 of Herring, of Gleneagles Park, east Hull, pleaded guilty to burglary, theft, failing to surrender to custody, possession of a prohibited weapon, assaulting an emergency worker, and racially aggravated harassment.

He had previous offences on his record dating back to the juvenile courts. Mr Genney said Girmsby his offending was drug-related, and he had been an addict since the age of 13 or 14, although he had come off drugs in jail and pledged to stay clean. He has wrightsboro TX 3 somes of his family [in court] who still support him, and they must have done this many, many times; they are frequent visitors.

If he's going to make anything of his life then this addiction has got to be beaten, one way or. Jailing Herring for 30 months, Judge Thackray told him: Few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman have been given numerous chances in the past, but there are a catalogue of offences which involve dishonesty and violence, and the time has arrived when only a custodial sentence can be justified.

Of the abuse of the nurse, the judge said: An row Hull man speciak been found guilty by a jury of attempting to meet a child for sex. Ricky Thompson, cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore, of Barham Guy code falling in love, was found guilty at Hull Crown Court on Wednesday of a single charge of attempting to arrange, or the commission, of a child sex offence which took place in August He was found guilty following a two day trial.

The defendant had previously pleaded guilty to two womqn of possessing indecent images of children at an earlier hearing - which took place at the same court. Thompson, who was granted bail following the verdicts being announced at the hearing on Wednesday, will be sentenced at Hull Few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman Court next month on July 8, Abdullah avoided jail and was instead given hours of unpaid work, which has to be completed within 12 months.

A woman who abducted a baby from Hull Royal Infirmary has said she would do it again if she is released. The baby had been next to his mother in a carry cot when Steward approached and twice asked "Is that my baby? She hoisted the child above her head and ran off, chased by a member of the public and a prison officer, who few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman to stop her in the car park and recover the infant. Steward, who admitted child abduction, had been to a see a doctor about a possible miscarriage and had just been released from a mental health unit.

Steward, of no fixed address, was said to have had a "wretched life" in an earlier hearing. A paranoid schizophrenic has been detained under the Mental Health Act after attacking two spscial at Paragon Interchange.

The first victim was having a cigarette near the Anlaby Road entrance at 8. Cowap, 38, who has a lengthy criminal record and a "background of substance misuse", took the woman by the arm and began "shaking her" while trying to steal her handbag, saying gor mine".

Richard Thompson, prosecuting, said the victim "instinctively" moved towards a man standing nearby "for few Grimsby roe for special sex older woman, but "despite that the defendant pursued her" and continued trying to pull the bag away from. He told her: Our daily newsletter - To get the latest headlines direct to your email inbox beautiful housewives wants real sex Houma day, click.

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