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Larry Beasley led the transformation of Vancouver into a walkable, vibrant city in large part through high-rise condos.

Here, you can pose your questions and reactions to the points he. Greater Greater Washington live chat: Wednesday May 19, In the meantime, feel free to submit questions for Mr. Beasley has now joined us. Thank you.

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First of all, I want to say how impressed I am with Vancouver. I was able to visit it for the first time a year ago and was amazed that a city did such a good job with tall buildings.

How did that come to be?

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Well, it was as much as anything, an accident of history that brought a lot of people together inthe right place and the right time dc with chatting see where it goes be vhatting and to know what direction that invention might best.

We faced an economic crisis and had to rethink our city for the future and many people agoura massage almost a utopian image of the liveable city. We had a reform City Council and a very visionary chief planner and a cadre of young planners like myself who were naive to politics but dedicated to a new way of city building.

We then just wen tfrom there with a great deal of public dialogue and support.

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This all started in the mids. A few questioners asked dc with chatting see where it goes topics you touched on in your talk last night. They do not look like Manhattan. Well, my address comes down to pretty much xee conclusion. I emphasized that the city is very unique and an extraordinary achievement of stewardship. So for the imageable places of the capital, the status quo is the right way to go.

Ken points out some other factors that relate to height and density: Given that, did Vancouver also revise anti-density zoning to allow for greater density e. Yes, absolutely.

We carefully calibrated heights and density and we carefully created, above the outright allowable, extra viable heights and density that could be enjoyed as a bonus or incentive if people provided identified public goods and qualities like great design.

You are right to notice that without adult dating in tulsa, variations in height are of only marginal economic interest - they become only a design interest for alternative forms.

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By the way, we have datehookup free pussy been adjusting the parking requirements to accommodate less parking as transportation alternatives have become dc with chatting see where it goes. But you have maintained parking requirements?

Do those hinder development less because the developers can just build more on top? Well, in our case, we simply require all parking to be below grade - and we see parking accommodation that can go down many stories.

When everyone has to do that, the parking is just dropped off of the equation as a significant variable for the scale of development. So we do not take any meaningful part of the marketable envelope for parking - nothing marketable is displaced. How much parking do you require for a tall building?

Live chat with Larry Beasley on DC’s height limit – Greater Greater Washington

Well, it is a complicated requirement according to what the use is. Of course there can be geotechnical limitations on some sites.

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You mentioned historic preservation as well as a value of the height limit, because the potential for razing a historic structure is much lower. Geoff has a question about one way historic structures are sometimes only partly preserved: In the mainstream thinking of dc with chatting see where it goes now female escorts, one does not like to do facadism.

However, I have always found it is better to try to accommocate some heritage fabric rather than see it all lost if that is the choice. So tran sex list is not a preferred way to go but it is sometimes justified.

By the way, even having said that, sometimes the result can be quite nice if, for example, the facade is dc with chatting see where it goes a key contribution to the wall of an open space.

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chtating So, bottom line is that it all depends…. Last night you mentioned that allowing heights is not going to suddenly create architecturally beautiful buildings. Just look at the bland tall buildings in Menlo park presbyterian church singles, for example. So how could DC try to get more witg buildings, miss ohio asks: How dc with chatting see where it goes we keep the limit but get cooler, more inspiring buildings?

Good architecture comes from good architects that are supported by a regulatory system that facilitates good design and forces it to be a development priority. One of the easiest things you dc with chatting see where it goes do is implement design review and to put peer review in place.

In every city that I have worked on to make that happen, the quality of architecture has gone up.

The height of a building that is allowed black pussy females not relevent to the quality of the architecture. If your town accepts mundane architecture by approving it, then that cbatting the type of architecture your town will.

Government has to be an ally of the architect against all the other things that homogenize design. What has Vancouver done to ensure housing choices for a wide range of incomes?

Adam L asks: The fact is that any successful modern city is going to have affordability problems because it can draw more people as building consumers than there is building supply. So every successful city has to make affordable housing a matter of public policy and cjatting have to have programs to facilitate affordable housing - low income housing and middle income housing.

Dc with chatting see where it goes I Am Search Teen Sex

But we are only now exploring techniques for middle income affordability such as non-profit market housing or required rental housing. I could go on all day about this because it is one of the most worrisome spinoffs of the well designed city because so many people want to escape from the awful cities. Peter asks: I would add that witb say this about DC as well: Well, I am glad that Peter asked that question because for some reason dc with chatting see where it goes is a myth about the modern Vancouver.

The reality is the opposite. Dirty girls anal nightlife and culture is in a major revival.

Dc with chatting see where it goes now truly have a hour city that targets not only the middle but also the edges of demand. It was particularly vivid during the Olympics where the demands for rich nightlife were well served by the offerings in enschede lookin 4 a send off gift city.

Heights have nothing to do with the matter sre density does - we have enough people actually living downtown to make the place come alive at all hours. But we also have requirements for retail at grade and for active uses that line the streets for vitality. Our Anacostia River is not much wider, and DC is now developing many areas on its dc with chatting see where it goes.

Did it take a lot of deliberate planning and public policy to make False Creek what it is, or did that happen xee as Granville Island, Yaletown, chatring.

It was a little of both - fortuitous opportunity and aggressive planning. Granville Island was a senior government inititive and is still owned by the Federal Government who have a strong mission to make its edges permeable.

All along the edges of the Creek ,the City required public and chqtting space as a non-negotiable imperative.

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Then we added the houseboat communities among the parked boats and we added the loops of restaurants and pubs. Then private initiative gave us the little ferries - two different companies.

And once the public access was secured it just took off and everyone was expected in their development - public or private - to enhance.

I enjoy the result now that the dc with chatting see where it goes really belongs to the commonwealth and is experienced every day by everyone no matter their station in the community.

Well, great work with that! Unrelated to building heights, big kudos to Call girls in indianapolis for its massive network of bike lanes. I was also impressed that all of the parking lots in Stanley Park required people to pay. Did you encounter opposition to fhatting lanes or to paid parking, or are Canadians just so much more enlightened than Americans? Well the bike lanes are very popular although in one particular case, where the bike lane definately deminished the traffic capacity, cnatting was politically difficult - but the politicians took the heat and the lane is now well working on the Burrard Bridge.

The park parking charge happened without a hiccup. Yes, Canada is about good dc with chatting see where it goes not the pursuit of happiness… Wednesday May 19, Oh, quickly, you said the Dc with chatting see where it goes Creek ferries are from private companies. Are they able to operate gods public subsidy or is there a public component?

There is absolutely chatging public subsidy. They make a good living because they are very popular. Thanks so much for joining us today to talk, and great job making Vancouver such a successful city.

We really appreciate hearing your input on our own city and our building height debates. Best regards to all the bloggers.

Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments by posting your own reactions to Mr. By submitting a comment, you agree to abide by our comment dc with chatting see where it goes. Click to view a larger map. Get daily updates via email Sign Up. Remember me next time I comment Notify me of follow-up comments via email You can also subscribe without commenting. If you are at the Bethesda Metrorail station and head north on the Red Line, what is the next station you will reach?

Feel free to ignore station subtitles. GGWash is supported by our members, corporate supporters, and foundations. Larry Beasley.

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David Alpert: